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Pet Stain Remover & Carpet Cleaner in Fredericksburg, Virginia For Sale

Price: $42
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While pet stains can be frustrating, what can be even more frustrating is trying to find a cleaner that really removes those types of stains. Pet stores are lined with overpriced cleaners targeted specifically at removing pet stains. There are a number of household cleaners that make the claim they can remove spots or clean carpets. Unfortunately, many of these cleaners do more harm then good.
In the photo example, a Berber carpet had been stained with cat urine as well as stains from dye in pet food after cats had regurgitated. Traditional, and very well known household cleaners were used to try to remove the stains. Generally, these cleaners were in a spray form. Because of this, they actually did not get down into the pad to remove the stains. While they did manage to lift some of the surface stains, the problem they came was from the stains that THEY left behind. Every spot that was cleaned remained worse. While some of the spots were cleared of the original stain, streaks appeared where the cleaner was used. The stains you see in this picture are from those other cleaners. Obviously this carpet was completely unsightly, embarrassing and in worse condition before the attempt was made to remove the stains. The carpet sat in this state for about 6 months and the next action was to replace the carpet.
With replacing the carpet as the final option, it was suggested that Genesis 950 be used on the carpet. Genesis 950 was used in a steam cleaning machine. The results speak for themselves. In addition to lifting the pet stains that were left behind and cleaning the pad, Genesis 950 also removed all the stains left behind from other cleaning products. This 10 year old carpet ended up looking and smelling like new. And the $42 cost of a gallon of Genesis 950 cost far less then replacing a carpet, hiring a professional, and the expense of all the other combined cleaners previously used.
There are so many cleaning products on the market and all of them work a little differently. Unfortunately, with many of them you don't know what you are applying onto your carpet. Because of this, many typical household cleaners can make your carpet look worse. Such staining and damage can occur if the carpet has been treated at some point with a stain protector. Such stain protection on carpets requires specific cleaning tools. If traditional household cleaners are used, the toxins and chemicals will have a negative impact and make the stains worse. In some cases, especially if the cleaner oxidizes, it can actually discolor your carpet. This damage can be permanent. Wool carpets can present even more problems as they are natural and easily affected by chemicals.
Sadly, when cleaning pet stains, many of these factors are unknown. Not knowing the actual fiber composition of your carpet, or whether it does or doesn't have a stain protector can make all the difference in how your carpet should be cleaned.
Genesis 950 is unlike any other cleaner on the market. It is a green cleaner. Because of this, it does not have the chemicals or toxins that other household cleaners contain. As a result, it will not have a negative impact on your carpet. It will not discolor it, stain it, alter the composition or create any unwanted reaction. It is safe to use on any carpet - even wool.
Genesis 950 also works differently then any other cleaner. While many cleaners target the stain with chemicals, bleach, vinegar or enzymes, Genesis 950 is a surfactant based cleaner. It is sold in concentrate form. Because of this, you are actually paying for a product that you will need to dilute with water (as opposed to buying a product that is already 98% water - which many cleaners are). When you use Genesis 950, the recommended cleaning ratio is 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts water. This can however e increased to a 50/50 mix depending on the stain. In a steam cleaner with a 1 Gallon tank, 1 pint is recommended. In a 3 gallon tank, 1 1/2 quarts are recommended. In the above photo about 3/4 of a gallon was used as the machine was set on high and ran through the solution quickly.
When Genesis 950 comes into contact with a stain, it works with the water to make the stain water soluble. By doing this, it actually allows the stain to be broken down and lifted. Once the stain is lifted, it can be flushed from the area with a clean water rinse. This is what makes Genesis 950 one of the best pet stain removers available. When used in a machine, the mixture of Genesis 950 and water can get deep into the carpet, even the pad. There, it breaks apart the stains and lifts them out of the carpet. On top of removing the stain, Genesis 950 contains antibacterial agents which will kill any bacteria or germs in the carpet. This is also beneficial in preventing mold growth in the carpet. As an added plus, Genesis 950 deodorizes, leaving the carpet smell fresh and odor free.
One of the most common issues with pet stains is that pet owners often find they can not stop their pet from going in a spot. This is due to the fact that animals instinctively urinate where they smell urine. If the mark is made in the carpet, and the carpet is not properly cleaned, the pet will keep going in that spot until it is removed. Basic household cleaners do not have the ability to properly deodorize carpet. While you may not smell any stain after using such cleaners, your pet still can ... and will keep going there. Some cleaners can actually cause more harm then good in these situations. A common misconception is that cleaning with vinegar or ammonia will remove pet stains. This is actually one of the worst things you can do if you have a pet. Both ammonia and vinegar contain some of the same chemical properties found in urine. Because of this, if the carpet is cleaned with either of the two, your pet could pick up on the scent and continue marking in that spot.
Pet stains don't have to be a challenge. With Genesis 950, you don't have to try product after product, you don't have to worry about a negative reaction on your carpet, and you won't have to worry about unsightly stains!
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